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Dijitali is a network of 430+ cyber cafes across Kenya ready to become your local solution centres/agents

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dijITali is a social enterprise founded in April 2020 to address youth unemployment through digital inclusion. We have 430+ members in 45 counties across Kenya. We support digital centres in 3 ways capacity building, asset financing and creating income opportunities that they would not be able to access directly. Our support is geared towards supporting digital centres to increase and diversify their revenues by tapping into new opportunities and therefore create employment. We also work with B2B clients who are keen on expanding their footprint or capacity into rural and peri-urban areas where we have a wide distribution


72% of Kenya’s population lives in rural areas. How do you reach and onboard your target market outside Nairobi? How do you grow your business in a cost-effective way? Hiring field agents can be: • Expensive • Time consuming • Inefficient.
Why not partner with dijITali? Our digital centres are your B2B solution partners on the ground.

Our Mission & Vision

To create new, sustainable jobs that will have a significant impact on the economy. dijITali is a social enterprise founded in April 2020 to address youth unemployment through digital inclusion. Our primary focus is digital centres across Kenya. Digital centres are predominantly run by youth and they are the digital enablers on the ground.


Our Impact

Leap of Faith

Evans Barasa – Owner Gwanso ICT Centre (Sigalagala)

“I consider myself very lucky, being a young entrepreneur who had the opportunity to find a partner who has my great interest at heart. I owe everything to the dijITali network for moulding and making me who I am today in the business world. For those …”

Following Your Passion

John Ngugi – Owner Alientech Cyber Cafe (Muranga)

“I joined dijITali because their mission was job creation for the youth. Being only 23 years, I saw an opportunity to grow. The knowledge I have acquired by being part of the network has elevated me from my initial position of “trying out” to a more well-rooted …”

Making the transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

Pamela Wesongs – Owner Teetyrant Cyber Cafe (Busia)

“To say I was unprepared for the challenges that were coming is an understatement, to me, a cyber cafe was the easiest thing to do. That leap of faith nearly made me rethink the whole thing. The heat started coming …”

Rising from a Pandemic

Allan Didack – Owner Blessed Cyber Cafe (Mombasa)

“I had to sell almost everything. To say the least, I found myself with nothing, not sure where to turn to. I tried to close the cyber cafe or give it to someone else to run it, but it seems God didn’t want me to give up, so I encouraged myself that I can make it and I reopened ….”

Our Partners and Clients

We have a growing set of partners who have utilized the dijITali network to expand user engagement and reach across Kenya.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is eligible to join the dijITali network?

    Any youth who owns a cybercafe in the peri and rural areas in Kenya. The cyber cafe must have
    3 computers and have been operational for the last 6 months

  • What does dijITali network have to offer?

    We offer youth opportunities to grow their business through upskilling, training and partnerships.

  • How do I join the network?

    To join the network click here: or join through the

  • Are there any fees charged to join the network?

    No, we do not charge for joining the network.

  • How do I benefit from being a member of dijITali

    The network has different offers and opportunities that are open to all the network members
    depending on their needs.

  • How long does one have to wait to benefit from the various opportunities you have?

    It depends on the opportunity, some are availed immediately and others are subject to terms
    and conditions.

  • How does your partnership work?

    dijITali works with different organization:-
    a) As knowledge partners – to offer our cybercafes knowledge in different areas like
    marketing, finance, how to mitigate risk and many more.
    b) As solution partners for organizations that are looking to expand their reach in the peri urban and rural areas where our cyber cafes are location

  • Who can we contact for additional information

    Email:, whatsapp message: +254 722 776 429


    Do you want to grow your business across Kenya? Would you like to expand your user engagement? You can use our network of >430+ digital centres to grow your business. Email us on
    We love working with partners

    Whatsapp: +254 722 776 429

    Facebook: dijitali
    Instagram: dijitali_kenya
    Linkedin: dijITali

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